Cycle of events on “Your client your “enemy “or a story of one complaint”

At the initiative of Serhiy Matviyiv, managing partner of Matviyiv & Partners, cycle of events on “Your client your  “enemy “or a story of one complaint” have taken place.

Within two weeks, the attorney visited Ivano-Frankivsk, Rivne, Lutsk and Uzhgorod where he discussed with his colleagues the intricacies of work with clients, the risks of contracts on the provision of legal assistance, measures for regulating the lawyer’s and client’s relations, and other current issues of the lawyer’s at present.

In addition, Serhiy joined the round table “the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine and The National Bureau of Investigation (Ukraine) – results of work and challenges for the future”, which took place in May in the Ternopil.

“It’s great that we began to pay more attention to regional development. The cycle was conceived precisely for this purpose. I am especially fond of the theme of events and the activity of feedback from colleagues, who talk about the importance of ethics issues, professional protection of the legal community and lawyers in particular”, said Serhiy Matviyiv.

In the opinion of the managing partner, raising questions on ethics of the “attorney-client” relationship and the protection of attorneys in the course of their professional activities, we can  draw up effective mechanisms that will make lawyers really strong.

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