Lviv Legal Business Forum

 Lviv Legal Business Forum, where leaders of companies spoke about the trends and development of the legal market, took place in Lviv  on May 31th 2019.

The event was opened by Roksolana Kostur,  member of the UBA Board, partner, attorney of Matviyiv & Partners, and Denys Bugay, President of  Ukrainian Bar Association, partner of VB Partners, attorney.  

Serhiy Matviyiv, managing partner of Matviyiv & Partners, attorney, spoke at the first session, devoted to the discussion of the development of legal services.

Serhiy told about the overhaul of the company in his own experience and said: “Very often we hear the stories about a business that has disappeared, went bankrupt or became mega-unsuccessful because it did not change.”7Among the main theses he singled out:

  1.  The top priority for a successful overhaul of the office is work on yourself.
  2.  Before identifying the needs of the client – reveal your own. Work should begin with self-values ​​and positioning.
  3.  Brand is not only a beautiful picture. Under each of its millimeter is you yourself. In the end, what completes the entire process is the strategy of your behavior in the next 3 years.
  4.   It is necessary to work not only during the repair of the company, but also after its completion. “Repair is easy to start, but never finish it,” said Serhiy. It is important to honestly understand the relationship between what you would like to see and who you really are.

In addition,at the Forum were discussed questions:

  •  programs for the systematization of the legal market;
  •  IT solutions for business;
  • New/old tools for promoting law firms on the market.

At the end of the event, Iryna Khymchak, co-founder and partner of the BeCentric group, spoke with the master class “Correct “old” approaches to the legal marketing for new ones”.

Ms. Iryna helped the participants of the event to unite the knowledge gained during the forum, by demonstrating from real cases that they work in any sector, not only legal. In particular, she spoke about legal brands, the construction of brand platforms, as well as the unique strategy for business development and customer group research.

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