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“Bankruptcy is a legal procedure when you put money into trouser pockets and give the jacket to creditors”

Tristan Bernard

You have always wanted to run your own business. Still being a student, you set up your company in your father’s garage. Perhaps, your first office was a room in a hostel or a pantry in the warehouse. It is not easy to run a business in this country, but you managed to do it.

Unfortunately, our today’s reality is that more and more legal entities and individual entrepreneurs face bankruptcy, or end up as insolvent debtors or creditors.

The procedure of bankruptcy scares persons with its special form of proceedings, numerous stages and duration over time, for it is a mechanism of restructuring the existing indebtedness, restoring the solvency of the debtor or its complete elimination.

As a creditor or a debtor, you should remember that only the legally competent application of valid laws by our lawyers will most painlessly and with minimal losses help you go through this difficult process.

We offer the following services:

  • provision of legal advice on the expediency of conducting the bankruptcy procedure;
  • legal support of bankruptcy procedure of debtors, who may be legal entities and individuals;
  • liquidation of the absent debtor by way of bankruptcy;
  • liquidation of the legal entity by its owner using the procedure of bankruptcy;
  • judicial protection in bankruptcy cases