Actual Issues of the Supreme Court Practice

Actual Issues of the Supreme Court Practice – a discussion for participants in the litigation, held on 11th July, 2019aq with the support of the UBA Branch in Chernivtsi Region. Roksolana Kostur,  partner, attorney of Matviyiv & Partners, a member of the Board of the Ukrainian Bar Association, joined the discussion. The event brought together lawyers from Kyiv, Lviv and Chernivtsi to communicate and share experiences about issues of trust in the court and the judiciary, as well as the application of the practice of the Supreme Court. In particular, Roksolana Kostur spoke on “Practical cases of the Supreme Court” and presented real examples of the legal position of the Supreme Court concerning: payment of court fees, renewal of the appeal period and the authorities of the attorney.

“It is clearly necessary to follow the Supreme Court positions, after all the Supreme Court is empowered by law to generalize judicial practice and ensure its unity. It is ensuring the stability of the judiciary, its predictability. At the same time, social relations are dynamic and varied, therefore, judicial practice can and must change in accordance with society. However, one should not be dependent on the position of the Supreme Court. We must be responsible, as lawyers, judges and prosecutors make judicial practice. Therefore, we are all responsible for the application of the rule of law,” said Roksolana.

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