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Contract law

“Ubi Concordia ibi Victoria – Where there is unity there is always victory”

Paraphrasing this famous saying, we say: where there is an agreement, there is always benefit. It is no secret that today a profitable business activities depend on legally well prescribed terms of the contract between the contracting parties. Legal support is needed by everyone: either at the stage of approval of agreements or their interpretation, or termination of the agreement.

That is why the “Matviyiv and Partners” attorneys at law, realizing the priority of this branch of law in modern terms, provides qualified legal support in case there appear any issues relating to the conclusion, interpretation or termination of agreements.

We offer the following services:

  • preparing drafts of civil and economic agreements (purchase and sale, barter, delivery, gift, lease, (sublease), leasing, providing services, sub-contracting, transportation, loan, credit, storing, insurance, commission, agency, credit agreements, license agreements, security agreements (mortgage), surety, trust management, agreements on the division of property, determining  alimony, marriage, inheritance, factoring, joint ventures, foreign economic activities, labor, collective, preliminary, replacement of the party to the obligation and others);
  • legal expert examination of existing agreements for their compliance with their applicable laws;
  • pre-agreement expert examination of legal documents of the client’s contractors;
  • participation in negotiations in the course of agreeing terms and conditions of agreements and at their conclusion, including those that require notarization and state registration;
  • preparing other legal documents that provide business, investment and other activities of the business entity (letters, notifications, claims, responses, etc.);
  • participation in the pre-trial settlement of contractual disputes;
  • judicial protection in disputes that arise from contractual relationships.