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Intellectual property

“Cogito ergo sum – I think, therefore I exist”

In your mind, there is a bubbling fountain full of ideas how to change the world. Maybe you are Thomas Edison of the 21st century. We believe that your literary works will become classics and millions of people around the world will be amazed by the depth of your pictures, and the software code you have created is able to make a revolution in programming.

We will help you in that only you could own, use and dispose of the results of your intellectual activity.

The rules of business do not forgive mistakes, and corporate giants use the lack of experience of beginners, therefore the intellectual property rights require special protection.

Experts of the “Matviyiv and Partners” attorneys at law have an extensive experience in solving diverse and complex problems related to the rights to the results of intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, artistic, production and other sectors.

We offer the following services:

  • consult on the creation and use of objects of intellectual property rights, protection the rights to trademarks for goods and services, copyright, inventions and innovations and industrial designs;
  • legal support of registration of intellectual property: trademarks, designations of the place of origin of goods; legal support of licensing and transactions on purchase and sale of intellectual property;
  • providing services and representing clients in cases of unfair competition in connection with breach of their intellectual property rights;
  • provision of advice on obtaining protective documents for intellectual property, registration of patents, licenses, etc;
  • judicial protection in disputes relating to intellectual property rights.