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Litigation practice

“Only he deserves the title of a lawyer who is ready to go to fight for rights”

Shota Rustaveli

One of the major activities of the “Matviyiv and Partners” attorneys at law is the comprehensive protection of clients’ rights and interests by way of judicial procedure. Our lawyers provide a full range of legal services for the purpose of a positive resolution of lawsuits, starting with the legal analysis of the situation and developing strategies and tactics of judicial protection, and ending with the enforcement of court judgments.

The “Matviyiv and Partners” attorneys at law successfully develops its judicial practice in such areas as contract law, company law, tax law, customs law, resolving credit disputes, bankruptcy, commercial relations, legal land relations, intellectual property and state registration.

The “Matviyiv and Partners” attorneys at law has expanded its legal portfolio, which consists of cases that our constant clients have during their economic activities with their contractors, regulatory authorities and resolving internal company disputes.

During 2016-2017, our law firm successfully represented interests of the leading companies in the Western region: KREDOBANK PJSC, FC IDEA CAPITAL LLC, CCI-Lubelia SE, Corporation KRT LLC, Czechpol Energy SE, Enerhiia-Novyi Rozdil LLC, NVP “Enerhia-Novoyavorivsk” LLC, Uzhhorod Cognac Factory LE, International Lviv Danylo Halytskyi Airport SE, Etrus JV LLC (TM “Olympia”), Rentkom LLC, newspaper “Lvivska Gazeta”, television studio “Hal-TB”, Western Ukrainian Regional Radio Network “FM Halychyna”, AKURAT Lviv Holding Company (restaurant of improvisation cinema jazz “Hrushevskyi”, Convivial restaurant “Panska Charka”, Siesta restaurant of rendezvouses “Del Pesto”, Hosper pub “Kohut”, Chain store “Fruit Liqueur from Lviv”, Art Hotel 3 * “Modern”), Dobrobud LLC, Agro L V Limited LLC and many others.

We offer the following services:

  • legal analysis of disputes with the aim to determine the prospects of legal cases and developing strategic schemes of resolving lawsuits;
  • preparation and submission of all procedural documents (claims, responses, objections, complaints, claims, responses to claims, petitions, written explanations, out-of-court settlement, etc.);
  • participation of our lawyers in court trials of all instances;
  • consulting on various aspects of a court trial, in particular, expediency and consequences of the increase or decrease of claims, changes of the subject matter or causes of the claim, claim acceptance, claim denial, filing a counter-claim and conclusion of amicable agreement;
  • appealing decisions of the court by way of appeal and cassation, review of decisions by the Supreme Court of Ukraine, review according to the new circumstances;
  • representing clients’ interests in agencies of the state executive service;
  • our law firm provides legal representation in the following categories of disputes:
    • in general courts: disputes about the recognition of property rights, the recognition of agreements as void, divorce, collection of child support payments, compensation of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage, protection of honor, dignity and business reputation and other agreement, land, family and inheritance disputes;
    • in economic courts: company disputes, disputes regarding the conclusion, modification, termination and execution of agreements, including debt collection, recognition of agreements null and void;
    • in administrative courts: appealing decisions, actions or omissions of state bodies and local governments, their officials or officers, including tax and other disputes.