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Land relations

“Since law was invented, nobody has been able to feel secure from injustice”

Wilhelm Schwebel

If you have already experienced bureaucratic obstacles, but still cannot acquire the ownership of a land plot or obtain a lease on it, do not give up – contact the “Matviyiv and Partners” attorneys at law. Our experts can quickly and efficiently solve your problem relating to land and provide competent legal assistance.

We will provide you with legal support at any stage of the land allotment procedure, help you formalize your proprietary right to the land plot, professionally present your interests in all bodies of state power and before third parties, and provide you with detailed answers to questions that arise in the process of registration of land rights.

We offer the following services:

  • consult on the issues of implementation of land rights;
  • comprehensive legal support of the procedure of land allotment and proprietary rights to land;
  • preparing draft agreements for land and legal support of their conclusion;
  • legal expert examination of legal documents of title to the use of land;
  • representation of clients’ interests in the competent authorities on the implementation of land rights;
  • preparation of claims in disputes arising in the course of implementation of the right of the person to land;
  • judicial protection in disputes arising from legal land relations.